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Ivy Rivera and Melanie Rimkus have partnered as the "Phoenix Sisters". They work together using mediumship and psychic abilities to bring you answers from the other side.

ill_1The Phoenix Sisters use their unique abilities with spirit to bring messages to people in ways that can’t be done by one psychic alone. They work synergistically with each other which helps to open gateways of communication from the other side to anyone wishing to seek guidance.

ill titleAbout the Phoenix Sisters

Ivy Rivera is a born intuitive who discovered her psychic and mediumistic gifts as a child. She began actively exploring her clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities as a teenager, in and around the Spiritualist Community of Lily Dale, N.Y.. After being recognized and taken under the wing of a kind medium, she was fortunate to be tutored under a watchful, spiritualist eye. Ivy performed her first psychic reading at 16 years old. She has dedicated the last 17 years to much hands-on-training, independent study, and Ivy
            Riverahas attended classes through Lily Dale in the areas of meditation, dream analysis, and the development of psychic/mediumship techniques.
      An Empath, Ivy is also uniquely able to emotionally heal others in need. In 2011 she realized her ability to detect illnesses, and then channel healing, reversing physical conditions. She is currently training in medical intuitive work and the healing arts. In Buffalo, N.Y. Ivy has recently earned a degree in journalism and enjoys writing, as well as, a successful psychic mediumship practice of her own.
      She conducts her readings both in person and over the phone by appointment, serving clients throughout the Greater Buffalo Area, nationwide, and internationally.

            RimkusInternational Psychic Medium Melanie Rimkus is well known in the Buffalo and Western New York area.  Melanie uses her intuitive psychic abilities to see into the past and the future to help people understand their life's path.  Melanie also offers readings using oracle and tarot cards which visually connect her with Spirit. Melanie's readings do not originate with her, but with Spirit that with love and light may guide you to your true life's meaning.  
     Melanie is also a certified Reiki practitioner, which is a Japanese healing art that helps restore balance to your physical body by aligning your chakras using universal life force energy.


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